Must You Use the Auto Body Repair Shop Recommended by the Insurer?

Most people often think that whenever their cars need repair, they must take them to the auto body repair shops recommended by their car insurance companies. But, that is far from the truth. You do not have to rely on the repair shop recommended by the insurer and, the decision entirely lies with the car owner. Legally, the car owner has a choice on where to have their cars repaired in case of an accident. 

Insurance Companies Have Contracts with Some Auto Body Repair Shops 

Today, many car insurance companies have contracts with auto body repair shops in various areas where they operate. The contracts enable the shops to do auto body repairs at lower pre-negotiated rates for the labor and replacement parts. That means the shops meet the expertise and equipment requirements set by the insurance companies. Besides, the shops are also mandated to issue a lifetime warranty. As a result, it could be more cost-effective to use the auto body repair shops recommended by your insurance company. 

Insurance claims adjusters are usually given specific targets by their employers, which require that at least 40% of the claims are directly handled by their approved repair shops. Thus, they will try to persuade you saying that your claims would not be handled efficiently if you choose a different auto body repair shop. Some may even threaten you that the insurer cannot promise the repairs if you do not go to their recommended shops. 

The Choice is Yours! 

No insurance company should force you into having your car repaired by their recommended auto body repair shops. Reputable auto body repair dealerships offer a lifetime warranty to all clients regardless of who is paying for the services. Whether your insurer has recommended an auto body repair shop or you have a different one in mind, the most important thing is to choose a shop that can be trusted to deliver quality work.