Caring for the New Paint of Your Car after Leaving an Auto Body Shop

Once you leave the collision repair shop with the new paint of your car looking amazing, you want your vehicle to maintain this look. But, how do you do this? Generally, technicians of reputable auto body shops are meticulous in making sure that your vehicle gets new paint that matches its old paint. However, the paint of your vehicle should keep it protected from rust in addition to making it look good. Therefore, you should keep the paint job of your vehicle in a top shape. Here are tips on how to care for the new paint of your vehicle after repair.

Check for Flaws

Just like with other repairs, say something if you notice something that is not right. Matching the old paint color is the major challenge when it comes to painting a vehicle after an accident. Therefore, have a look at the vehicle’s color during a sunny day. Check it closely and from a distance. Check for dirt, overspray and hairs. Make sure that your vehicle has a smooth paint before you leave the auto shop.

Be Extra Careful in the Next 30 to 60 Days

You were definitely careful with your car when new. You need the same fragility when it comes to protecting the shine of the new paint of your car. Essentially, the new paint will still be curing over the next 30 to 60 days. This is the time when the paint will be hardening to ensure that it protects the vehicle. New cars spend this time in properly protected environments. However, your car will be back on the road after a few days following repair. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to ensure protection of your vehicle during this time. Avoid things and conditions that can damage the paint job of your vehicle.

These include:

  • Construction zones and dirt roads
  • Chipping or scrapping at ice or snow
  • Splattered bugs
  • Bird droppings
  • Direct sunlight
  • Commercial washes

Follow these tips and the new paint of your vehicle will look amazing longer.