Are Smaller or Bigger Cars Safer During Collision?

Car accidents are never ideal. The size of a car is not really an issue when it comes to devastating accidents. Nevertheless, the size of a car can play a role during a minor accident. An accident can wreck your car, affect your budget negatively, and leave you frustrated. Nevertheless, if nobody is injured during an accident, it means that the car played its role.

After that, take your car to a reputable collision repair shop. This will enable you to have the damage fixed the right way and in a timely manner.

So, Does the Size of a Car Matter During an Accident?

The assumption made by most people is that bigger cars are safer during an accident. However, technology has eliminated the gap between car sizes to hone more on the larger safety spectrum of new cars. Here are factors to keep in mind when determining whether size of a car matters during collision.

Newer Cars of All Sizes are the Safest

New or modern cars have safety features for minimizing injuries during an accident. The standard features for minimizing injuries include the rear, side, front airbags and side curtain. Some cars have control for electronic stability. This stabilizes them when they spin out of control thereby reducing the chances of a rollover. Modern cars also feature backup cameras and back up sensors that prevent rear-end collisions. When changing lanes, drivers can use sensors or camera for blind spot warning.

Size and Weight Matters

A big car is heavy. This enables it to absorb impact force better than a small car. Risk and damage are minimized by higher weight. Larger hoods are also advantageous when a car is involved in a head-on collision because they provide a sizeable crush zone or crumple zone. This is the area in front of a car that absorbs the most impact during a front-end crash.


Momentum goes up as a car’s weight increases. A bigger car’s energy is transferred to a smaller car during collision. This can cause more damage to the small car. Impact force can also injure the passengers in a smaller car. Thus, a smaller car has a higher risk during collision than a larger car. A big car can push a smaller car thereby increasing injury risk like whiplash.

The most important thing is to drive safely. But, if you are buying a car, consider one with the latest and more safety features.