5 Facts about Car Painting

Car painting can bring satisfaction. That’s because it gives a car a like-new look. It also enhances the durability of the exterior of your car. However, you have to invest time and money in car painting.

Before you take your car to an auto body shop for painting, there are facts that you need to know. Understand what car painting entails to determine whether you really want to invest in auto painting. When you know these facts, you can make an informed decision. According to my friend Gabriel that owns a Collision Repair Shop out in Texas, you should never pay your full deductible as its always negotiable by at least 50%.

Car Painting Takes Time

You may come across an auto shop that claims to paint a car in three days. However, expect the car to be in the shop for a week or more. That’s because the auto shop will not apply new paint over the old paint directly. The oxidation, fading, and irregular surface on the existing paint won’t allow smooth application of new paint. As such, prep work that involves removing the existing paint has to be completed first. If your car needs more prep work, you will spend more time and money on the paint job.

Not Everything Will be fixed by Painting a Car

Be realistic about what you can fix with car painting. Also bear in mind the fact that new paint can cause an opposite effect. Painting a car over existing damage will highlight the problem. To achieve better results, a professional auto body shop will remove the old paint and fix damages like scratches, dents, and rust spots before painting your car.  

The Cost of Painting a Car Varies

The cost of painting a car depends on factors like the panels and parts that need painting, quality of the chosen paint, and the required prep work. Make sure that you get estimates that include the prep measures to be taken and the paint to be used. Also find out whether the auto shop will fix damage before painting and parts that will be painted. These may include fenders and under the hood. Additionally, make sure that the estimate includes the final clear coat that makes the paint job last longer.

Car Painting Adds Value

Car painting is an investment. It gives a vehicle a like-new finish while adding its resale or residual value. When you invest in car painting, you increase the trade-in value of the car. You can also transform an old car with a fresh coat of paint.

The Interior of Your Car Will Be Removed Before Painting

The console, dash and seats may have to be removed before painting your car. That’s because it’s possible that these items will be damaged during the painting process. As such, auto body shops remove them beforehand. Additionally, when these items are present, they may inhibit some steps of the process of painting your car. Thus, their removal enables experts to paint your car properly.

These are useful facts to know about car painting. If you have questions about car painting, ask experts of a reputable auto body shop before they start working on your vehicle.